Long Before Clayton, There Was The Dividings

Roads passing through Clayton—Highways 441/23 and 76 and Warwoman Road—are daily reminders of a distant past when the Appalachians in northeastern Georgia were known as the Cherokee Mountains. And in the land that became Rabun County, the major Cherokee trails, which are now our highways and byways, converged at The Dividings in present-day Clayton.  Early

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Rabun County in the Civil War: The Story of a House Conflicted

A Rabun County slaveholder who voted against Georgia’s secession from the Union…but then didn’t.  A rebellion against Georgia’s government by disaffected Confederate soldiers and Union sympathizers.  300 Rabun County men who fought for the Confederacy, including one at Appomattox with Robert E. Lee at the surrender in 1865.  These facts would seem to illustrate a

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Rabun County: The First 200 Years

Rabun County turns 200 years old on December 21, 2019.  From its beginnings as a remote and sparsely populated frontier in 1819, the county has developed into a growing magnet for mountain tourists…with a thriving downtown in its county seat…and elegant homes dotting the shores of pristine lakes.  To find out how this transformation happened,

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