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Law and Order: Purloined Pullets, Chicken Coops and Pest Houses

An editorial in the Clayton Tribune once declared, “Robberies, fights, shootings, knifings, street scuffles. They are all part of the contemporary history of Rabun County and Clayton.” It sounded like this was a pretty rough and lawless place. While some serious crimes were committed, there is a lighter side to some of the criminal activity

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Clayton Business Advertisements in 1920

Buggy Repairs, Flavo Flour and Hotel Rooms with Sewerage: Clayton Business Advertisements in 1920 By Richard Cinquina Described as a ramshackle town in the early 1900s, Clayton had attained a degree of prosperity by 1920. Overall conditions had improved significantly from the village’s poverty and neglect at the advent of the twentieth century. Tourists, courtesy

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Towns in Rabun County Clayton, Georgia Long before Clayton, there was The Dividings, the intersection of five major trails that linked the Cherokee of Rabun County to points throughout the Southeast. Rabun County was established in 1819 on Cherokee land ceded to the state of Georgia. Claytonsville, named after prominent jurist and congressman Augustin S.

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