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Law and Order: Purloined Pullets, Chicken Coops and Pest Houses

An editorial in the Clayton Tribune once declared, “Robberies, fights, shootings, knifings, street scuffles. They are all part of the contemporary history of Rabun County and Clayton.” It sounded like this was a pretty rough and lawless place. While some serious crimes were committed, there is a lighter side to some of the criminal activity

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Over 100 Years of Rabun County Singing Conventions: Seven-Shape Notation, 100-Foot-Long Dinner Tables, and a Courthouse That Talked

Singing conventions with large, enthusiastic crowds were Rabun County’s rock concerts back in the day. Think hymnals instead of the Rolling Stones In reporting on the three-day Rabun County Singing Convention in 1931, the Clayton Tribune wrote, “The attendance on Friday was rather small but on Saturday the crowd had grown almost to the capacity

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Rabun County Historical Society Museum Reopens Friday, June 11

Clayton, GA—May 20, 2021—The museum of the Rabun County Historical Society in downtown Clayton will reopen to the public on June 11 following its extensive, year-long renovation. The museum’s hours of operation are 11-3, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Society’s newly renovated museum brings to life the rich and colorful history of Rabun County and

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