Gifts: Tax-Deductible Donations of Your Artifacts

We are always seeking new artifacts, photographs, and historical records for the museum’s permanent collection. Virtually everything on display in our museum has been donated or loaned by individuals throughout this region. If you would like to donate material, its value will be fully tax-deductible, since the Society is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

How to Donate

Bring your artifacts to the Society’s museum at 81 North Church Street in downtown Clayton, and we will determine whether it can be accepted for display. If it is, we will provide you with the necessary form for your income tax filing. We are also happy to accept materials you might want to loan to the museum. Whether donated or loaned, your artifact will be labeled with your name on the museum display.

Have questions, or want more information? Please contact us at 706-782-5292 or send us an email.