Towns in Rabun County

Tiger, Georgia

There are several theories about the derivation of the name Tiger. One story suggests that early settlers were reminded of a tiger’s roar upon hearing the cry of cougars from the nearby mountainside. Another tale says the name comes from the Cherokee chief, Tiger Tail. The town was incorporated in 1903, the year the Tallulah Falls Railroad was extended to Tiger. Oral history has it that large numbers of Mason jars were always being unloaded at the Tiger depot, presumably for the bottling of moonshine distilled from local apples. For this reason, the Tiger depot was known by many as “Fruit Jar Station.” By 1914 Tiger was a busy crossroads town with two general stores, a barbershop, a two-story schoolhouse and a jail. Covered wagons drawn by mules from Hiawassee crossed Davis Gap on their way to Tiger, bringing chestnuts, hams and syrup to barter or sell at the general stores for shoes, cloth and other necessities.

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