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Burton: The Town Under The Lake 

On a moonlit night on Lake Burton, some say you might hear the pealing of a church bell. It would not be coming from a nearby church. Rather, the mournful tolling is said to be an echo from 100 years distant when that bell was ringing in Burton, the town that lays submerged under the

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Rabun County: The First 200 Years

Rabun County turns 200 years old on December 21, 2019.  From its beginnings as a remote and sparsely populated frontier in 1819, the county has developed into a growing magnet for mountain tourists…with a thriving downtown in its county seat…and elegant homes dotting the shores of pristine lakes.  To find out how this transformation happened,

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Dams in Rabun County

Museum Exhibit Dams and Hydroelectric Power: Progress at a Price The 1,200-foot drop in elevation along a contiguous 26-mile portion of the Tallulah and Tugalo rivers in Rabun, Habersham and Stephens counties was viewed as ideal for generating hydroelectric power for a growing Atlanta. Between 1913 and 1927, six hydroelectric dams and generating plants were

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